First Day of Classes & a Memorable Bike Ride

Fantastic first day of classes at AUBG! I have students from the following countries: Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, U.S. (New Mexico),  Georgia (the country), Spain, Tajikistan, Vietnam,  Russia, Latvia, Japan and Bulgaria.  They are very bright and motivated and interested in everything– they remind me of Macalester or Carleton students. Bonus: I found a great cappuccino close to campus to replace my Dunn Bros. Most cappuccinos here are made with Nescafe, but this one is made with real expresso. You just have to ask.  So happy! Makes teaching just that much easier 🙂

Mark starts tomorrow and he is also excited to meet his students.  This morning he had a loooong and memorable bike ride that included several flat tires, some sheep, a dog chase and a farmer who tried to help.  I’ll let him tell you about it,  but in the meantime here is a pic of his bike in the hills near Blagoevgrad. He could see the Macedonian border from one of the mountains! Oh, did I mention that we are having fun here?


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