Our Town Square

We are wrapping up our first week of teaching at AUBG and we are excited and exhausted!  The students here are a mix of languages, cultures and countries and their skill levels are all over the map when it comes to writing.  And to top it off, not all the students have arrived because so many of them work as summer help in tourist towns and amusement parks in the U.S. and were delayed by Hurricane Irene. But the students who are here  are an enthusiastic and engaged bunch and we are doing our best to make sure they learn everything we know about journalism.  Always love a good challenge!

On another note….at the risk of looking touristy, I thought I’d post a pic of us in the Blagoevgrad town square,  which is usually bustling with people. But we made the mistake of going out at 8pm on this particular night,  which is waaaaay to early! Most of the time this square is filled with students, families and children running around and lots of beautiful women in very high heels.

Another discovery: a water park. Right here in the town. It surprised me when I first saw this and now I am used to it. Somehow the image of Wisconsin Dells doesn’t feel right here.

The last pic is one that, to me,  again represents the old and new Bulgaria.