My students attend their first film festival

Think about a time when you saw or did something that changed how you think about things.  That’s what happened back in October when I took a group of 25 AUBG journalism students from 13 countries to the Manaki Brothers International Film Festival in  Bitola, Macedonia.  For most of them, it was their first film festival and I think (and hope) it opened their eyes to a world they did not know about before.   The festival folks gave us guest passes and the students could watch as many films as they wanted as well as attend workshops, press conferences and other special events. Some even managed to get in the theater on opening night, which was attended by many dignitaries including the President of Macedonia.  I also arranged private meetings for the students with a programmer, cinematographer and a film critic.  All in all, I think it was a wonderful experience  (see for yourself in this video).  I hope to be back next year with some documentaries that my students will make in my classes next semester!